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15, Sumeet Complex, Opp. Payal Flats, Judges Bunglow Road, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad-380015

About Us

Guided by the motto of “Caring for everyone” the Priya Beauty seeks to urge self transformation, spread happiness and imbibe every individual with wellness for life. Continued by 21 years ago a Priya Beauty salon in catering highly professional treatments in the Ahmadabad City. The idea was welcomed and accepted open heartedly by the people of the city. It marked the beginning of chain of fabulously designed, out of the world salons which served to be an instant transportation to a different world all together. Priya Beauty is a trendsetter; it has taught people the meaning of luxury and has set a different benchmark for self grooming. Priya Beauty today stands tall with 2 salons in Ahmadabad city. which have already experienced the Priya Beauty ‘s grooming. Priya Beauty today has 4000+ Clients and is gradually making way to the hearts of the people of the Gujarat State. The salons have Always promoted themselves as a Exclusive ladies Saloon. where all the members of the family can come and get services. Priya Beauty has always believed in categorization and has always designed salons keeping in mind the privacy needed for various services like Bridal grooming, Hair treatment Facials, Messages, Manicure, Pedicure and Shampoo, same being the reason for clients to feel comfortable in getting the services done. The salons are all well equipped with not only the best products and electronic gadgets but also the through professionals who deliver the same quality of services of which the salons are known.

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