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Bleach and Clean up

A face cleanup is important to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glowing! Naturals offers a face cleanup for every skin type – be it oily, normal, dry, combination or acne prone. The relaxing massage strokes during a face cleanup nourish your skin from deep within, relieving stress. A face cleanup at Naturals will leave your skin with a natural glow!

Bleach is used to lighten the tone of the skin or to even the complexion of the skin. It is generally used to lighten the color of facial hair. The process is termed as bleaching. However, bleach may also be used to whiten or lighten other type of things like paper pulp, teeth, stained wood, fabric, etc.


Herbal Bleach /

Oxy Bleach /

Jolen Bleach /

Back Neck Bleach /

Deep Back Neck Bleach /

Under Arms /

Stomach Front /

Full Back /

Full Hand Bleach /

Full Leg /

Hand Leg Pow Bleach /

Full Body /

Full Body De-TAN /

Clean up

Teen Glow Clean Up(30 min) /

Veg Peel Clean Up(40 min) /

Marrow Clean Up(40 min) /

Aroma Clean Up(40 min) /

Meladerm D-Tan(40 min) /

Gold Clean Up(60 min) /

Gold d'ior ionization(45 min) /

Whitening Clean Up(60 min) /

Seaweed Clean Up(60 min) /

Meladerm Clean Up(60 min) /

Oxygen Spot(60 min) /

Brightening & Whitening Clean Up(45 min) /

24 K Gold Brightering Clean Up(45 min) /