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Serie Expert Service

Serie expert, a complete hair care system with exclusive home care programmes and in salon treatments, features innovative molecular precision technology.


X-Tenso is Boosts the condition of the hair and allows active treatment ingredients to be delivered to where they are most needed on the hair. In-service professional hair relaxer. X-TENSO  transforms rebellious, curly or frizzy hair to smooth, beautifully silky and shiny hair for up to 60 days.

Hair Colour

Hair coloring is the practice of changing the hair color. The main reasons for this are cosmetic  to cover gray or white hair, to change to a color regarded as more fashionable or desirable, to restore the original hair color after it has been discolored by hairdressing processes or sun bleaching.

Hair Spa

Hair spa is a treatment for hair that can be taken in a salon or at home itself. The entire procedure includes proper cleaning, massaging and moisturizing of scalp and hair. This makes hair soft and smooth and stops hair fall.This assist in opening the pores and remove any clogging caused by oil.

Serie Expert Service

Anti Dandruff Treatment /

Anti Hair Loss Treatment /

Smooth Shine Treatment /

Radiant-Recharge Treatment /

Power Recharge Treatment /

Smooth Recharge Treatment /

Smooth Recharge Treatment /

Cristal Cutics /


Shine Smoothing Service /

Shine Straight Service /

Shine Bond /

Keratin Treatment /

Perming /


Root Touch Up /

Root Touch Up with conditioner /

INOA Root Touch up /

High Lights /

Global Hair Color /

Global Hair Color with Highlights /

Hair Spa

Priya Organic Spa /

Express Hair Spa /

Hair Spa /


Signature Hair Cut By Dipti Vakharia /

Hair Cut Designed By Deep Vakharia /

Blast Dry /

Blow Dry /

Ironing /

Crimping /

Spiral /

Curls /

Hot Tongs /

Hair Extension, Color Plates Bids, Hanging, Diamonds /

Heena / Herbal / Protein /

Aroma Oil & Gel /

Hair Wash /

Hair Wash with Conditioner /

Hair Pack Wash /

Hair Pack Wash with Conditioner /

Head Massage /